Call from the Past

Less than three weeks left till the election.

I am phone-banking again. I started a few weeks ago.

The location has changed from two years ago. People around me have changed. I  changed a lot too, I think. Not just  because I have lost weight or have cut off my long hair. I am more vocal, I am not limiting myself to the kitchen tasks. I am up front with the computers and phones, donning the headset and making call after call.

I am not trying to change minds,  I am trying to change apathy. I am trying to get people to care.

I feel aged, far more than the two years that elapsed from the last election. I can feel the wounds of many defeats since the last including the latest battle for the court. However, I do not feel defeated.

No Tyrone this time. Even with the weight of elections pressing my heart down I could not help but think about him. The evenings and weekends I come in, I hoped I would run into him. As I work the phones I wished he’d see the new brave me. It does not matter.

Did I say I feel aged?

I am not defeated. I am here to fight


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