So This Happened



This happened yesterday when I least expected.

On an impulse, I initiated it after the lull in dealings with a certain cute Maria.

Before I dug into leftover pasta I had packed for lunch I decided to give it a try. I wanted i so desperately see her.

Hence the text and the ensuing meet up or coffee date .

It is unavoidable to look at how clumsy my opening line was. No greetings just straight up asking if she had dome with her lunch. It did signal my intention clearly though.

But then began the longest wait period. Eight minutes before the response arrived. The simple Hello.

And I again sent two responses and was already typing the third when her cute reply arrives. Yes those simple words look cute to me.

Come on look at the response, it was a step beyond yes with a suggestion for a day.

Giggling crazy.

So we are meeting Thursday due to our schedules for afternoon coffee 

If you are looking for me I will be floating and freaking out.


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